Wild Culture Ferments uses organic, local and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, to create naturally fermented vegetables. The ferments are lovingly hand crafted in small batches in Inglewood, On.

All of the products at Wild Culture are naturally fermented.  They are raw, LIVING foods that are full of naturally occurring beneficial PROBIOTIC bacteria.  These bacteria play a vital role in keeping our GUT FLORA in balance, support our digestion and immune function.  

Studies show that having a healthy balance of gut flora is the cornerstone of good overall health.


Unlike preserves, ferments do not contain any vinegar, preservatives or sugar, and are a health addition to most diets.

Everything I have done in the past ten years; learning about organic agriculture, wild medicinal plants, nutrition, fermentation....all that passion, experience, and learning is in that jar. It's so much more that just a jar of fermented cabbage....it's a whole lotta of love that I'm selling.”


Andrea Barbuto, founder of Wild Culture Ferments, is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) with a background in organic agriculture and working in professional kitchens.


The idea for Wild Culture arose while working in as a Nutritionist in her private practice.  When working one-on-one with clients Andrea realized that lack of time was a major road block for individuals wanting to eat a healthier diet. 


Andrea had been experimenting with fermentation for years and had seen first hand the TRANSFORMATIONAL power of fermented foods. 


She quickly realized that the one thing she could offer to her clients to enhance the nutritional value of whatever they were eating, that also combined her love of local and wild food, nutrition, and fermentation, were these simple fermented vegetables.  

And so with a head of cabbage, a kitchen knife and dream Wild Culture Ferments was born.



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​​Saturday: 10am - 4pm
​Sunday: closed 



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