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Wild Culture Ferments uses organic, local and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, to create naturally fermented vegetables. The ferments are lovingly hand crafted in small batches in Inglewood, On.

All of the products at Wild Culture are naturally fermented.  They are raw, LIVING foods that are full of naturally occurring beneficial PROBIOTIC bacteria.  These bacteria play a vital role in keeping our GUT FLORA in balance, support our digestion and immune function.  

Studies show that having a healthy balance of gut flora is the cornerstone of good overall health.


Unlike preserves, ferments do not contain any vinegar, preservatives or sugar, and are a health addition to

most diets.





My name is Andrea Barbuto and I am the founder of Wild Culture Ferments.

As a holistic nutritionist, I am passionate about health, nutrition, sustainability

and creating delicious food. 

Before technologies like refrigeration and canning, lacto-fermentation was how people would extend the life of produce beyond the growing season. It is the safest and simplest way to preserve food and actually enhances the vegetables both in nutrition and flavour. By bringing "wild" ingredients into some of my recipes, this has also included my passion for foraging and using the most nutrient dense ingredients available in our local environment.

It has always been my mission to bring fermented foods back to the table Wild Culture is everything I love and everything I am passionate about crammed into

a jar.


"Wild Culture is everything I love and everything I am passionate about crammed into a jar."

I was first introduced to the Wild Culture Kimchi a few years ago and was instantly hooked! I love how Andrea is committed to bringing us the best local ingredients.

Anne Z. - Toronto, ON.

These are so good! The Hot Pepper &

Garlic is off the charts! My mouth is

watering WHILE I am eating it!

Laura M. - Burlington, ON.

One of the best tasting Sauerkrauts ever. Many of the ingredients are Organic and picked in the wild!

Adam K. - Milton, ON

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